Top Best Desert Safaris in the world

Top Best Desert Safaris in the world

Deserts all over the globe entice travelers from all over the planet with their ageless, quiet, and pace with the fast beauty. Desert excursions are an excellent way to become acquainted with the allure of the world’s largest deserts. From one of the finest desert safari sites in the world, form a relationship with the grandeur and calm of the beautiful sandy ocean. Desert safaris are excitement combined with great adventures, with brilliant dunes, clear skies, colorful campsites, exhilarating camel excursions, sand-dune bashing on jeeps, as well as other wonderful activities.

We’re here just to assist you figure out wherever to travel on a desert safari that you’ve already fallen in love with. We’ve compiled a selection of the top desert safari spots from across the globe.

The arabian desert

Location: Dubai which is located in the United Arab Emirates.

The great season to visit is between October and April.

Ways to Reach There: Dubai International Airport is the closest airport. To travel to the desert, simply get a taxi from the terminal (or anyplace else in the capital).

Most of us grew up hearing stories about the Arabian Nights. Including its spectacular splendor, the Arabian Desert Safari in Dubai would bring these tales back from the dead. The Dubai Desert Safari has everything for anyone, regardless of how you want to experience it. Throughout a hot air balloon journey, witness magnificent structures fade away while equally amazing sand dunes materialize – keep the momentum going with dune bashing in a 4×4 or sandboarding. Start the journey on the desert boat– a Camel, to be precise. A Tanoura or belly dance display is a must-see on any Dubai Desert Safari.

Thar desert

The best season to come is between October and March.

Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Ways to Reach There: Jaisalmer has the closest rail station and (non-commercial) airport. Jodhpur has the nearest major airport. Both from towns to the desert, there are several buses, cabs, and personal automobiles accessible.

A Thar Desert safari dubai will take you to the capital of the Maharajas, where you can enjoy a magnificent encounter. You may go glamping beneath the moonlight over the huge sandy fields, in addition to typical desert sports like quad biking and camel safari. To see the untamed desert environment in all its beauty, go to the adjacent Desert National Park. Finally, when you come in February, don’t forget the Jaisalmer Desert Fest, which highlights the finest of regional customs, history, and delectable cuisine.

Sahara desert

Cairo, Egypt is the location.

The great season to visit is between October and early May.

Ways to Reach There: Cairo International Airport is the closest airport. It’s only a short trip to the desert.

If you’re interested in an Egypt Desert Safari, you should explore the world ‘s biggest desert. Luxurious hotels make room for carved dunes, which highlight the area’s secret beauties (both man-made and ecological). A Sahara Desert safari is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Egypt. The Gold Sarcophagi and the imposing Salt Lake are worth seeing. There are even heated water springs to soak here though. Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria are all bordered by the Sahara Desert. That is an excellent spot to learn about the heritage of the area by attending various activities and concerts.

Underneath the stars, the Sahara Desert is breathtaking. Whether you’re heading glamping, make sure to bring some winter coats because desert temperature can drop dramatically at nightfall.

Namib desert

Location: Namibia, which is a country in South Africa.

March to May and August to October are the best months to explore.

Ways to Reach There: The closest airport is Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek. You may hire a personal car and travel to the desert from the airport.

Whether you believed an African safari equaled simply beautiful woods overflowing with animals, you were mistaken. The apricot-colored dunes of the world ‘s longest desert will indeed be introduced to you on the Namibia Safari. The old rock carvings and the breathtaking scenery are two of the attractions here. Desert Elephants, Gazelles, Ostriches, Antelopes, and other animals can be seen in the adjacent Namib-Naukluft Nature Reserve if you would not want to skip out on the crazy side of Africa.