Bypoll Results 2023: Sudhakar Singh of SP Leading on Ghosi Seat, Check the Latest Updates on 6 Seats from Other States

Bypoll Results 2023

Live Updates on By-Election Results 2023: Vote counting is underway for seven assembly seats across six states. Among these seven seats, the BJP has secured three (Dhanpur, Bageshwar, and Dhupgudi), while the Samajwadi Party (Ghosi), CPI(M) (Boxanagar), JMM (Dumri), and Congress (Puthupalli) each hold one seat. The by-elections for all these seats were conducted peacefully on September 5th. The most closely watched seat is Uttar Pradesh’s Ghosi, where Congress has extended its support to SP. Stay tuned for the latest updates on these by-election results.

Bypoll Poll Results 2023 LIVE updates: Vote counting for by-elections on seven assembly seats across six states is in progress on Wednesday. These by-elections are being viewed as a significant test for the opposition alliance in INDIA, with the potential to impact upcoming state assembly elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Among the seven assembly seats up for by-elections, they include Bageshwar in Uttarakhand, Ghosi in Uttar Pradesh, Puthupalli in Kerala, Dhupgudi in West Bengal, Dumri in Jharkhand, Boxanagar in Tripura, and Dhanpur. The most closely watched seats are Ghosi in Uttar Pradesh and Dumri in Jharkhand, where the INDIA alliance has come together. Stay updated with the latest developments on all seven seats.

3:09 PM
Ghosi Bypoll Poll Results: Steady SP Lead
Ghosi By-Election – After the 18th round of counting, SP candidate Sudhakar Singh leads with 24,599 votes.

SP – 71,136
BJP – 46,537
NOTA – 1,001

3:07 PM
Dumri Bypoll Results: Jhamumo Secures Victory in Dumri
In the Dumri by-election, Jhamumo achieves a resounding victory. Following the win of Babu Devi, the mother, Jhamumo’s son Akhilesh Mahato congratulated the public, vowing to fulfill his late father Sah Jagarnath Mahato’s unfinished work.

2:46 PM
Dumri Bypoll: Trends in the 22nd Round
INDIA alliance candidate Babu Devi is leading with 15,273 votes in the 22nd round.

Babu Devi’s total vote count – 93,306

NDA alliance candidate Yashoda Devi, supported by AJSU, has received a total vote count of 78,033 (Input: Suraj Sinha)

2:38 PM
Dumri Bypoll Poll Results: Jhamumo Extends Lead in Dumri Seat
In Jharkhand’s Dumri Assembly seat, the incumbent Jharkhand Mukti Morcha has once again widened their lead by 4,043 votes. After 17 rounds of counting, Jhamumo’s Babu Devi has secured 66,708 votes, while NDA-supported AJSU’s Yashoda Devi has received 62,665 votes. A total of 24 rounds of counting are yet to take place.

11:40 AM
Ghosi Bypoll Results: Steady Lead Shift Between BJP and SP
The Ghosi seat witnesses a continuous shift in favor between the BJP and Samajwadi Party. After 6 rounds of counting, SP leads with 8,557 votes. SP’s candidate Sudhakar Singh secured 22,785 votes, while BJP’s Dara Singh Chauhan received 14,228 votes.

11:40 AM
Dhanpur Bypoll Results: BJP Wins Dhanpur By-Election with 18,871 Votes
In Tripura’s Dhanpur seat, BJP secured a resounding victory with Bindu Debnath receiving 30,017 votes, surpassing CPI(M)’s Kaushik Chanda, who garnered 11,146 votes. BJP won this seat with a substantial margin of 18,871 votes.

11:21 AM
TMC Leading in Dhupgudi, West Bengal
In Dhupgudi, West Bengal, the TMC is currently leading. The party has received 11,739 votes after three rounds of voting, while the BJP is trailing with 10,620 votes. TMC has a lead of 1,119 votes.

11:02 AM
Dhanpur Bypoll Results: BJP Likely to Win in Dhanpur
The victory for BJP in Tripura’s Dhanpur seat seems almost certain as counting has concluded for five out of six rounds. BJP’s Bindu Debnath has received 25,170 votes, while CPI(M)’s Kaushik Chanda is trailing with 9,356 votes, lagging behind by 15,814 votes.

10:59 AM
Ghosi Bypoll Results: SP Candidate Leads by 4,067
In Ghosi, SP candidate Sudhakar Singh continues to maintain a growing lead. Out of the 34 rounds of counting conducted, Sudhakar Singh has secured 14,286 votes, while BJP’s Dara Singh Chauhan has received 10,219 votes. Sudhakar Singh holds a lead of 4,067 votes.

10:35 AM
Bageshwar Bypoll Results: BJP Takes the Lead After the Fourth Round
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After the counting of the fourth round in the Bageshwar seat of Uttarakhand, the BJP has surged ahead. BJP’s Parvati Das is currently leading with 476 votes. Meanwhile, Congress’ Basant Kumar has garnered 9,623 votes, while Parvati Das holds the top position with 10,099 votes.

10:32 AM
Ghosi Bypoll Results: SP Leads with 1992 Votes After the Third Round
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SP candidate Sudhakar Singh is leading with 1,992 votes after the third round of counting in Ghosi. BJP’s Dara Singh Chauhan has received 8,342 votes, while Sudhakar Singh has secured 10,334 votes.

10:12 AM
Dumri Bypoll Results: Yashoda Devi Supported by AJSU Ahead in Dumri By-Election
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In the Jharkhand Dumri assembly seat by-election, Yashoda Devi, the AJSU Party candidate supported by NDA, is leading with 4,124 votes, surpassing her opponent Baby Devi of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha by 1,265 votes. Baby Devi has received 2,859 votes.

9:50 AM
Ghosi Bypoll Results: SP Continues to Lead in the Second Round
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Vote counting for the Ghosi seat is in the second round. SP’s Sudhakar Singh has garnered 6,844 votes, while BJP’s Dara Singh Chauhan has received 5,472 votes. Sudhakar Singh is currently leading by 1,372 votes.

9:46 AM
Bageshwar Bypoll Results: Congress Maintains Lead After the Second Round, BJP Narrows the Gap
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The counting for the second round in the Bageshwar seat of Uttarakhand has been completed. After the second round, Congress’ Basant Kumar has received 4,554 votes, while BJP’s Parvati Das has secured 4,359 votes. Currently, Basant Kumar is leading by 195 votes.

9:44 AM
Dhanpur Bypoll Results: BJP Extends Lead in Tripura’s Dhanpur Seat
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In Tripura’s Dhanpur seat, the BJP has increased its lead. After the first phase of counting, BJP’s Bindu Debnath is ahead with 5,341 votes, surpassing her opponent Kaushik Chanda of CPI(M) by 1,276 votes. Kaushik Chanda has received 2,859 votes.

9:31 AM
Puthuppally Bypoll Results: Congress Leads in Kerala’s Puthuppally Seat
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In the first round of vote counting for Kerala’s Puthuppally seat, Congress candidate Advocate Chandi Oman has gained a lead with 2,816 votes. Chandi has received 5,699 votes, while CPI(M)’s candidate, Jack C. Thomas, is in second place with 2,883 votes.

9:27 AM
Ghosi Bypoll Results: Sudhakar Singh of SP Increases Lead in Ghosi Seat
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Vote counting for the Ghosi seat in Uttar Pradesh is underway in the first round, and SP candidate Sudhakar Singh has increased his lead by 178 votes. Dara Singh Chauhan of BJP has received 3,203 votes, while Sudhakar Singh has secured 3,381 votes.

9:23 AM
Boxanagar Bypoll Results: BJP Takes the Lead in Tripura’s Boxanagar Seat
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Vote counting for Tripura’s Boxanagar seat is ongoing in the first round, and BJP’s Tafazzal Hussain is leading with 7,331 votes, ahead of his rival, Mizan Hussain of CPI(M), who has received 7,301 votes. There will be a total of 6 rounds of vote counting here.

9:18 AM
Bageshwar Bypoll Results: Congress Extends Lead in Bageshwar Seat
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Congress has extended its lead in the Bageshwar seat. The counting for the first round is in progress, and Congress’ Basant Kumar is leading with 754 votes. Basant Kumar has received 2,945 votes, while BJP’s Parvati Das has garnered 2,191 votes.

8:45 AM
Ghosi to Witness 32 Rounds of Vote Counting
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A total of 217,000 votes have been cast in the Ghosi assembly by-election. There are 14 counting tables set up for the vote-counting process. A total of 32 rounds of vote counting will take place, with 19 teams assigned for the task. There are 10 candidates in the by-election, including BJP and SP. (Input: Durga Kinkar)

8:31 AM
Ghosi Seat Draws Everyone’s Attention
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In the Ghosi Assembly by-election held on Tuesday, more than 50% of the votes were cast. In the previous year’s Assembly elections, Ghosi had seen a voter turnout of 58.59%. The by-election became necessary due to the resignation of Dara Singh Chauhan, who won the seat in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections as a Samajwadi Party candidate but later joined BJP. SP has fielded Sudhakar Singh in the by-election. In the 2022 UP Assembly elections, Chauhan defeated BJP candidate Vijay Kumar Rajbhar by a margin of 22,216 votes.

8:22 AM
Vote Counting in Progress at Bageshwar Degree College
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Vote counting for the Bageshwar Assembly by-election in Uttarakhand began at 8 AM. Anuradha Pal, the District Magistrate of Bageshwar, stated that the vote counting is taking place at Bageshwar Degree College, where 14 counting tables have been set up, and 130 polling staff members are involved. Voting for the reserved SC seat in the Kumaon region took place on September 5th, with a turnout of 55.44% among approximately 1.2 lakh voters.

8:05 AM
Vote Counting Begins for All Seven Seats
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Vote counting has commenced for all seven seats. Stringent security arrangements have been made at all counting centers. Expectations are high for the initial results to arrive shortly. Supporters of various leaders have begun to gather outside some counting centers.

7:42 AM
All Eyes on Bageshwar Seat
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The Bageshwar seat in Uttarakhand became vacant in April this year following the demise of legislator and Cabinet Minister Chandra Ram Das, who had won this seat four times since 2007. BJP has nominated Parvati Das, Chandra Ram Das’ wife, for this seat, while Congress has fielded Basant Kumar. In the previous Assembly elections, Basant Kumar contested on an Aam Aadmi Party ticket.

7:39 AM
Vote Counting for Dumri Seat in Jharkhand to Begin Shortly
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Vote counting for the Dumri Assembly by-election in Jharkhand is set to begin shortly. An election official has mentioned that a counting center has been established at the Pachamba Agricultural Market Committee in Giridih district. Giridih’s Deputy Commissioner-cum-Election Officer Naman Pratish Lakda stated, “In total, there will be 24 rounds of counting, and more than 70 officials have been deployed for this task.”

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