Top 11 Places to Visit in Goa

Top 11 Places to Visit in Goa

There are many places to visit in Goa and it’s one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. The variety of things to do in Goa keeps even the most seasoned traveler happy! From adventure sports to sightseeing, from trekking to shopping, Goa has everything you can ask for and then some! Here’s our list of the top 11 places to visit in Goa.

 Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is a beach town located in Canacona Taluka, South Goa. The town has several restaurants, bars and cafes on its main road (Palolem Beach Road). The beach is approximately 2 kilometers long and usually less crowded than beaches further north, such as Anjuna or Vagator. It’s perfect for those looking for an authentic experience of a seaside village and enjoy walking along quiet beaches with few people around. The calm sea is great for swimming during low tide and there are more than enough sun loungers available. Palolem also has some fantastic seafood places if you don’t want to cook at your homestay. Whatever you do make sure you check out La Plage restaurant!

 Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is one of India’s most famous beaches, which has helped make it a popular travel destination. The beach is sheltered from extreme winds by nearby hillocks and offers calm waters. This combination makes Calangute a great place for swimming, fishing, boating and other water sports. If you want to enjoy some privacy with your friends or loved ones, there are many resorts on Calangute that offer private cabanas. There are also many shops on Calangute where you can shop for souvenirs and snacks for your trip back home. The beach also features a lighthouse built by the Portuguese centuries ago which adds charm to its idyllic setting. Overall, Calangute Beach serves as an excellent gateway into South Goan culture, food and history!

 Benaulim Beach

Benaulim beach is perhaps one of India’s most renowned beaches. It has also featured in several Bollywood films over the years and many tourists flock to see its picturesque sands. Like Calangute, you can also get your fix of sunbathing, swimming and boating here. However, unlike Calangute Beach, Benaulim is much quieter than it’s lively neighbor. Tourists are attracted by its magnificent nature and proximity to other attractions nearby such as Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Kala Academy Art Gallery. It’s one of our favorite places to visit goa!

 Anjuna Beach

It is a must-visit place in Goa. Anjuna Beach is also called Paradise beach because of its crystal clear water and white sand. It is famous for its partying crowd, great food joints and live music sessions. There are many backwaters near Anjuna beach where you can spend some quality time with family or friends. Also, it has become one of top places to visit in goa.

Calangute Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Goa and located at the north end of Baga beach. The best part about Calangute beach is that it has golden sand which makes it different from other beaches. You will find plenty of hotels on Calangute beach where you can stay during your trip to goa. If you are planning a trip then make sure that you don’t miss visiting Calangute beach while on tour to goa.

Agonda Beach

With powdery white sand and azure waters, Agonda is one of India’s most stunning beaches. Located about 60 miles from Palolem Beach, it offers tourists a laid-back beach experience with crystal clear waters that teem with colorful fish. The beach’s tranquil beauty makes it one of Goa’s most popular tourist destinations. With its quiet charm and beautiful scenery, Agonda is among India’s top tourist destinations. It’s not hard to see why—the beach has pristine sands and calm water that are perfect for swimming. Visitors can also take part in water sports like snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skiing and kayaking.

There are several resorts nearby offering all kinds of accommodation options including luxury villas and budget cottages. Tourists can also explore nearby places like Anjuna Market or Calangute Beach while they are here.

Candolim Beach

This is another popular beach destination located near North Goa. Candolim is known for its palm trees and golden sands, which make it an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming. While you’re there, be sure to check out some of the area’s famous restaurants and bars where you can enjoy local seafood specialties like prawn curry or grilled fish served with rice pilaf. Candolim Beach is just 15 minutes away from Baga Beach so visitors often spend their days at both places before heading back to their hotels at night.

 Colva Beach

Nestled on one of Goa’s largest beaches, Colva is a scenic place for any visitor. It is one of Goa’s most visited beach destinations and offers sandy beaches, water sports facilities, restaurants and shopping opportunities. This quiet beach town is located some 28 km south of Panaji and serves as a great base from which you can explore other tourist attractions around North Goa such as Benaulim, Calangute and Baga. The fishermen hamlet, best visited during early morning or late evening hours when it glows with yellow light owing to coconut-oil lamps lighting up houses against a backdrop of dark sky, has added much to its reputation as one of India’s most alluring tourist spots.

 Vasco da Gama’s Tomb at Old Goa

The remains of Vasco da Gama are buried at Old Goa, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can learn about his life, how he changed history and so much more. To visit his tomb, head out to St. Andrew’s Church which is where he was originally buried. His body was later moved to Lisbon when his bones were stolen during a subsequent attack on Old Goa by Tipu Sultan in 1790. Still, there are several items left behind that belonged to him – including a silver casket that holds what’s left of him – and it’s well worth seeing them if you’re visiting or living in Goa for any period of time.

Old Churches in Old Goa

There are several churches that are worth visiting while on a tour of Old Goa. The most famous of them all is called Se Cathedral, which was built back in 1562. But there are plenty of other churches that you should see too. Note that these old churches tend to be pretty small so don’t expect them to be as elaborate as any church you may have seen before. Still, they’re still well worth a visit if you have time.

 Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach is one of those hidden beach coves that you’ll want to keep all to yourself. This secluded beach is located along a dirt road a short distance away from Palolem Beach, and it’s one of India’s best kept secrets for international travelers who don’t want mainstream accommodations, tourists or resort employees. The best time of year to visit Mandrem Beach is during monsoon season (July through September), when there are fewer crowds and it doesn’t matter if it rains because your entire day will be spent hanging out on beautiful, white sand beaches. No trip to Goa would be complete without a trip down south along Rajpuri Road and a visit to Mandrem Beach.