Vastu tips for living room

In the home business, the terminology “living room” is relatively recent. Such a place is also known as the sitting room, lounge, or lounge, and it is mostly used for leisure, amusement, and enjoyment by the house owner and his family. The living room is a multipurpose space that may be used for a variety of activities such as watching TV, studying, talking with family and friends, enjoying time with kids, partying, dining, or a variety of other informal pastimes.

Vastu for Sitting Room is systematic wisdom that our mystics have given to us. The system’s ideas may be skillfully implemented into the creation and design of attractive modern-day living spaces, making our lives happier and so more meaningful. The living room is an essential member of the building that determines whether it is a good place to live or not. It is the area of the house where the people enjoy the most of their time as well as where visitors are entertained.

Your fate is dictated by your living room

This living room is the focal point of the home, and we all want to make it as beautiful as possible. However, it is not only about the design and style of the space; it must also have a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. As a result, it’s critical to carefully design your Living Room such that it radiates good thoughts and encourages good connections. Here are some helpful Vastu suggestions for designing the greatest living room possible. To maintain your living room a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, follow the suggestions offered.

Let’s look at how the position of the living room is affected by directions:

  • The northwest quadrant, which belongs to the element of air, is an excellent location for the living room if you want to avoid late-night parties, get-togethers, and the like. This quadrant represents movement and makes visitors restless, causing them to want to leave.
  • The living room’s northeast position attracts good energy and provides calm and mental tranquillity to its occupants.
  • Northern location: This prosperity and health quadrant gives a welcoming atmosphere to the space and infuses it with pleasant energy.
  • The position in the southwest draws visitors like flies to sweets! The guests may become pests because this corner makes one feel at ease. However, the inhabitants will benefit from this sector.

Vastu Advice for Decorating a Living Room-

Location of the Living Room

If you truly want your drawing room to be filled with happiness, place it in the north, north-west, east, or northeast. If not, you have the choice of going to the South-East or South-West. In your house, these living room settings promote prosperity and tranquility.

Main Entrance

Guests’ attention is always drawn to the front door before they enter your establishment. The main entrance must always be built in the directions of north, north-east, or east. These instructions pave the road for you to win today.


Several of the greatest Vastu Shastra living room concepts are to place the television in the southeast corner. The main reason for this location is the comfort that viewing TV in the living room provides. Aside from that, early sun rays provide your body with additional vitality.

Sets of Sofas

Soft, velvety couches are a must-have in every drawing-room. There are some helpful Vastu ideas for arranging couch sets as well. Sofa sets must be placed towards the north or east walls. The rationale for this structure is that you may receive brilliant solar rays from the East in your home.

Lighting for the Living Room

To bring positive energy into the home, bright lights should always be present in the living room. If you want to make your family and guests happy, make sure the drawing room is adequately lit. Furthermore, placing huge lights with gleaming bulbs in the living area is a fantastic concept.

Set the air conditioner to the West

The installation of an air conditioner in your hall becomes required as the temperature rises. The west wall is an ideal location for an air conditioner installation. During the hot summer months, the west-facing walls heat up more than the other walls. The temperature in the drawing-room will be kept in check by an air conditioner.


Bold patterns, vibrant colors, and creative motifs should always be present in your drawing area. A water fountain should be placed in the hall’s north or east orientations. You might select a water fountain made of stone, clay, copper, or glass since these materials attract positivity.


Another lovely piece for your living room design is a fish aquarium. Observing colorful fish swimming in water provides mental calm and relaxation. Furthermore, an aquarium improves the interior environment. Fish aquariums are also recommended in Feng Shui for your drawing room.

Paints for the walls

When it comes to lighting up your living room, you need to be a little picky. If you want to make your hall more appealing, choose colors that are pleasing to the eye. Blue, white, green, and light-yellow are some of the hues available. Never use dark or bright red hues since they will cause your thoughts to wander and attract bad energy.

Flowers that are real

According to Vastu Shastra, real flowers should be kept in the hall and fake flowers should be removed. The major reason to choose genuine flowers over artificial flowers is that real flowers give out positive energy, whilst artificial flowers attract negative energy.

Furniture that is round should be avoided

Rectangular or square-shaped furniture is the finest choice for a living area. Never choose round or round tables since they take up more area in the room. Aside from that, they are unable to properly maintain flower vases, other ornamental objects, and accessories.

Place Paintings on the Wall

Each sitting room is adorned with magnificent artwork. These not just serve as house décor, but rather as a way to dress up bare walls. When selecting paintings, go for ones that create sentiments of joy, humor, and optimism. Paintings that depict gloom, grief, or bad feelings should be avoided.


Curtains For the living room, you may choose between light and dark hues. If you want light curtains, put them on the northeast side of the room. Dark curtains, on the other hand, can be hung in a South-west direction.

Open Beams are a no-no

Many homes prefer exposed beams, but Vastu Shastra specialists advise against them. Rather than enhancing your living area, they annoy you. Instead of beams, a fake ceiling or other ceiling works might be used to highlight the drawing-room.

Use these Vastu techniques to structure your house such that it attracts a lot of positive energy! To build your ideal Vastu-compliant house, engage a Vastu Consultant or Vastu Expert