What is the effect you have on Erectile dysfunction ?

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability of males to have an erection that is hard enough to facilitate sexual intercourse successfully. Although the sexual disorder is often associated with increasing older age, men tend to suffer from this disorder more often at the ages of 40-70 years old. However, the sexual disorder can affect men of any age category.

A research study was conducted in Australia, which discovered that 10% of males have experienced the signs of this specific sexual ailment. Even though the problem of having problems with erections is not life-threatening, this problem can negatively impact a person’s well-being. Erectile dysfunction syndrome may affect the relationships and the overall quality of the sufferer Vidalista 60 is the best treatment for ED. 

Causative Factors for Erectile Dysfunction

In the present, this sexual syndrome is now one of the main causes of breakups in relationships and stress. It also has an adverse effect on self-esteem in males. Sexual condition is associated with numerous general health conditions, and a systemic health problem affects the physical health of an individual.

The negative impact On Males of Impermanence

  • Conditions of health that cause impotence
  • The physiological effects

Cardiovascular Health

It is already known that the signs of erectile dysfunction could be from the conditions associated with blood vessels. These conditions that affect blood vessels can affect how blood flow is distribute throughout the body, and it also affects the method of transporting blood throughout the penile area. The correct function of the erectile tissue is control through the aid of venous and arterial blood flow. If the arteries in the penile are narrower than the others in the body, they will be the first affected by the endothelial deficiency. Thus, the signs of erectile dysfunction begin to manifest before the symptoms of the vascular condition are apparent.

Diabetes and Other Metabolic Disorders

In many cases, it has been observe that the condition and diabetes are frequently co-morbid, which means that the two illnesses can occur in the patient simultaneously. Studies have shown that the most prominent sign of diabetes is erectile dysfunction. The proportion could range from 20 to 88% of males who have diabetes and have erectile dysfunction. The degree of this condition’s frequency increases based on the severity of the sexual problem and the age group they belong to.

Premature Ejacuation

It is already known that about 1/3rd of men who suffer with frequent erectile problems have also been exhibiting the signs associated with early ejaculation. The effects of both sexual issues could negatively affect the overall health and quality of life and is a significant impact on sexual health in comparison to other ailments that can be experienced in isolation. For this you can take vidalista 20mg daily.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

While there is only some evidence that suggests a direct link with impotence and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, erectile problems could be elevated due to related signs of a lower section in the urinary tract that is connected to this condition. A majority of men who underwent BPH surgery had more severe erectile problems. A study conducted on men discovered that signs of BPH increase the chance of losing function in the erectile system.


It can cause mild symptoms that do not usually require treatment, however, it could be the underlying reason for impotence. If the problem of Dyslipidemia has been improved with the proper treatment, there can be any improvement in sexual function. This is why these two diseases are often co-morbid. Research has shown that about 40 % to 70% of males who suffer from issues with erectile function are also suffering from Dyslipidemia symptoms and in turn.

Psychological result:


Certain studies have shown a steady link between depression and this sexual illness that is common among males. However, another study conducted in the US revealed that when someone suffers from depression, it does not increase the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction, linked to Erectile dysfunction. In another study, the results showed that impotence can cause depression and vice reverse.

Problems with relation

Impotence or erectile dysfunction isn’t just a problem affecting the male but could also have a negative impact on the relationship. Relationship issues are more commonplace than you ever imagined. According to research, males that fall within the age range of 40-70 years old have erectile problems to a certain degree. Because erectile dysfunction is an ongoing issue that may last for a lengthy period and may linger within a couple’s relationship.

It is crucial to openly discuss the best way to manage stress and identify the causes. Communicating clearly about what happens is among the most efficient methods. It is vital to understand that this physical ailment won’t last for a long time, so examining your life to manage the issue is an excellent method to deal with it.