Which body type do you have?

In world, there are different varieties of people’s present across the world. All peoples are different from each other in terms of weight, body type, color, height etc. It’s all because of having different genetics. Every person is different from others in terms of gene. Due to having different genetics all peoples fall in category of three body types. Before doing exercise or making a diet plan we should aware about the body type that we have. Because every body type requires different calorie intake and different exercise to grow faster and properly. So first of all, you should know about the body type that we have.The three categories ofWhich body type do you have?

1. Endomorph
2. Ectomorph
3. Mesomorph

1. Endomorph-
Endomorph peoples have wide hips, thick rib cage, slow metabolism and short limbs and these people have high tendency to become fat. Due to having slow metabolism it is necessary to maintain the calories intake otherwise u will gain gain more fat. If an endomorph body type want to gain muscle. It will be difficult for them. Because they gain larger amount of fat in comparison to muscle mass and if they want to get rid of fat by doing workout it will be difficult for them to get rid of fat.

2. Ectomorph
Ectomorph are also known as “Hard-gainers”. Because they have fast metabolism which leads to gain muscles very hardly. Ectomorphs have thin body, flat chest, lean muscle mass, small shoulders, low body fat index etc. Due to having fast metabolism calories burns very rapidly. They need huge amount of food stuff or calories to gain weight that’s why they are known as “Hard-gainers”.

3. Mesomorph
It is the most common body type that people’s have. Mesomorphs have well defined muscles, athletic and rectangular shaped body.  They gain the muscle mass very easily so they should take care of their calorie intake. They gain fat easily than ectomorphs. Weight training is best for their body type. They have advantage to do gym because it is easy for them to gain muscles.

So as we see, different body types require different calorie intakes and workout plans to grow faster and in a proper way. So, before starting gym first of all check your body type that you have and then after it make your workout plans and you diet plans that will be suitable for you to gain muscle mass. As we all know nutrition has a huge role in gaining muscles so take care about the meals that you are having and have meals on right time So your muscles can get proper nutrition and can grow faster. I wish this information was useful for the peoples those wanted to know about their body types or the problems they are facing while gaining or losing weight.

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