Which training split is best ?

Most beginners are taught to train full body three times a week for an example Monday-Wednesday-Friday. it can be good in initial stage to learn new exercises and develop strength but it has some cons to gain muscle mass because when you start training with high intensity it becomes more difficult to train each body part with same intensity in full body workouts . Here comes the split training and split training can be done in multiple ways. it depends on many factors –

  • Schedule
  • Recovery time

1. Schedule

There is multiple split training style first of all you have  to figure out that how many days you can train in a week . because every person has a different schedule. some people can train three times a week on the other side some people can train six times a week and some people can train only two times a week. every person has different work culture, different lifestyle , different work schedules.

2. Recovery Time

it is important that you are recovered from your previous workout before training the same part again because  if you are not recovered then it is not gonna worth it , in simple words you are torturing your body.

You can find out that you are recovered or not by finding out:

a. if a body part you trained in the previous training day is still sore on the next training day then you have not       recovered from your previous workouts.

b. when you wake up in the morning and you are unusually tired everyday then it is possible that you are doing over training and you are not recovering properly.

your recovery time can be depend on multiple factors:

  1. Age
  2. Genetics
  3. Nutrition
  4. Job
  5. Training Style
  6. Drugs

1. Age– your body’s recovery time changes according to your age. for an example an 20 year’s old guy and 40 year’s old men have different recovery rates. One of the reason for the difference in recovery rates is testosterone level in your body as you are getting older with time your testosterone levels becomes lower.

2. Genetics– Genetics plays  an important role in bodybuilding. Bouchard did a research on 12 pairs of twins by overfeeding them 1000 calories per day for 84 days. During this period of time all the subjects maintained a sedentary  lifestyle . The average weight gain was 17.86 pounds but the range was 9.48 ponds to 29.32 pounds.

3. Nutrition– as you heard from many bodybuilders that nutrition has 70% role on your growth and exercise has only 30%. Recovery time also depends on nutrition if you are taking proper nutrition then the recovery time can be reduced .

4. Job– suppose you are going hard in the gym and you also have a physical job then your body will take more recovery time as compare to the person who have sedentary  lifestyle.

5. Training style– different people have different goals so they have different kinds of training styles. suppose you are going hard in the gym, you are training with higher intensity and the other person is doing light weights , then he will recover in low time and your body wiill take more time to recover.

6. Drugs– if a person is training naturally your body will take more time to recover as compared  to the person who is using synthetic  hormones. if he trains the same body part every other day then he can make gains because his body will recover fast.

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